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What our clients say

I became interested in WOW Saddles after watching Lorna demonstrate the modular concept to a livery on my yard. At the time I had two horses up and running and several youngsters waiting to be backed, so the modular design appealed to me, as all my horses would be changing shape over the years. My top horse had previously accumulated four saddles in three years and I was at my wits end!

Lorna was brilliant. She allowed me to try the WOW Saddles and I was sold from the first sit! Now all four of my horses have WOW Saddles fitted by Lorna and they have never felt better or felt stronger in their work. I love that I can make small adjustments myself, and that I can have the same extra deep seat set up on four very different back shapes. Since changing to WOW I haven’t looked back and I won’t be looking at another brand of saddle ever again.

Evelyn Little, Dressage Rider and Trainer at Knights End Equestrian

I have had the pleasure to work with Lorna for the last few years who has always provided excellent service, care and attention when it comes to the fitting and management of my WOW saddles.

The saddles flexibility to adapt to your horses changing shape has been invaluable, especially as my horse has changed three head-plate sizes in a year. With this adaptability, I can be sure my horse is comfortable in his WOW at all times allowing him to work with ease and freedom of movement.



Nicolle Begovic, Dressage Rider

I have always had traditional flocked saddles for my horses, but after having many issues with my current horse and getting a saddle to fit him (and me!), I now have a WOW saddle fitted by Lorna and I cannot sing the praises enough! Previously I have been through several saddle fitters, including a master saddler, but none of them were able to fit a saddle that did not make my horse’s back sore within 2-3 weeks, I had the vet out, equine massage, chiropractor etc. it was very frustrating and expensive year!

I have a very quirky warmblood that is very sensitive and if something is not quite right (by that I do not mean in pain, just not quite the right balance, position etc.), he turns into a very difficult and unpleasant horse to ride as he gets tense, spooky and becomes very sharp. After going round the same cycle of new saddle fitter, try a different saddle, sore back, difficult horse etc., I had become very cynical and was seriously considering selling my horse, because he was so difficult. Lorna came to the yard to fit a saddle for my friend and I started talking to her and really liked her approach and asked her opinion on my horse, after a lengthy discussion I decided to try her demo saddle for two weeks. I could not believe the difference in my horse, so much calmer and quieter to ride, don’t get me wrong he will always have an edge and tend to be a bit sharp, but the difference was very noticeable, he was actually rideable!

So I bit the bullet and ordered a new dressage saddle. Lorna made it to measure as my horse it quite compact and I am quiet tall so I was able to have 17” (size 1) panels with an 18” seat, it fits both of us perfectly. I have had the saddle now for 4 months and the difference for me and my horse has been amazing we have just been out for our first 2 dressage shows for over a year and he came second on the first one (novice unaffiliated) with 68.5%, so for the next outing which was affiliated I put us up into the Elementary class, his first ever outing at that level and we had a score of 63.1%. So from here on it is upwards and onwards through the dressage ranks! I cannot thank Lorna enough she has been so professional and very patient with my horse (he is not the easiest!). It just goes to show when you get the right saddle and fitter the difference is life changing for me and my horse!
Thank you.

Hilary & Elvis xx